Combustible Gas Sensor– LEL Sensor

Combustible gas sensor is a wall-mounted gas sensor used to detect the concentration of combustible gas in the environment.
Combustible Gas Sensor– LEL Sensor

Combustible Gas Sensor– LEL Sensor

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Understand Combustible gas sensor

Combustible gas sensor is a wall-mounted gas sensor used to detect the concentration of combustible gas in the environment. It adopts the principle of catalytic combustion detection and supports a variety of signal output such as RS485/4-20mA/0-5V/ 0-10V /NB-IoT/LoRa/WIFI/ Ethernet to meet the needs of the environment and wireless transmission. No wiring, low power consumption, stable performance, can be used in scientific experiment/chemical plant/factory inspection/fuel plant environment.

Combustible gas sensor Features

1. Beautiful appearance, small size and easy installation;

2. Fast response speed and high measurement accuracy;

3. Strong anti-interference ability;

4. Reasonable structural design and stable performance;

5. Full-scale calibration output, good consistency;

6. International standard internal wiring and external installation.

7. Range 0-100%LEL.

8. can adapt to a variety of on-site DC power supplies.

9. Long service life, it can be used for 3 years in a normal environment.

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What is flammable gas?

Combustible gas refers to the substance that can ignite and show gas state under normal temperature and pressure. Such as hydrogen, acetylene, ethylene, ammonia, hydrogen sulfide and so on. Combustible gases have the general characteristics of gases. A component of the combustible gas called a single gas; A mixture of two or more combustible gases is called a mixed combustible gas.

What is a combustible gas sensor?

A combustible gas sensor is a detector that responds to a single or multiple concentrations of combustible gases. It can be used to detect the content of combustible gas in the industrial environment and daily living environment. The intelligent sensing transmitter is the most complete functional combustible gas sensing transmitter.

What are the hazards of combustible gas to human body?

1. Explosion: The high temperature and pressure caused by the explosion of combustible gas will cause direct injury to the body, such as burn and tear injury.

2. Inhalation poisoning: carbon monoxide (CO), argon sulfide (H2S), nitrogen dioxide (NO2) and sulfur dioxide (SO2) are toxic gases, which will cause direct damage to the body when inhaled in excess.

3. Hypoxia: when the concentration of flammable gas in the tunnel is too high, the oxygen content in the air is insufficient, and the construction personnel lack sufficient oxygen for the normal operation of blood circulation.

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