electrochemical gas sensor

gas sensor and gas detector

electrochemical gas sensor

O3 gas sensor -Ozone sensor module

An O3 sensor module is an electronic device designed to detect and measure the concentration of ozone (O3) gas in the air. Ozone is a highly reactive gas that is commonly found in the Earth’s atmosphere, both at ground level and in the stratosphere.

Cl2 Sensor Module -Chlorine Gas Sensor

The Cl2 sensor module is a critical component of water monitoring systems, designed to detect and measure chlorine levels in various water sources. Chlorine, commonly used for water disinfection, is crucial for ensuring safe and potable water supply.

SO2 Sensor Module- sulfur dioxide Gas Sensor

Sulfur dioxide (SO2) sensors module are instrumental in the detection and measurement of this harmful gas, which is a byproduct of various industrial processes and combustion of fossil fuels.

CH2O Sensor Module-CH2O (Formaldehyde) gas sensor-

The CH2O module sensor is a device that monitors the concentration of formaldehyde (CH2O) in various environments. It plays a crucial role in ensuring air quality and safety, particularly in indoor spaces where formaldehyde is commonly found in building materials, furniture.

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