Gas Sensor & Gas Leak Detector

We provide gas sensors, electrochemical gas sensors, semiconductor gas sensors, NDIR gas sensors, and gas detectors, covering various gases, including flammable gases, toxic gases, etc

gas sensor and gas detector
Gas Leak Detector

Portable multi gas detector

Portable 4-in-1 gas sensor, the product is easy to use, can be carried, one instrument can detect a variety of gases

Gas module sensor

Small size, accurate measurement, long service life,

NDIR Large range gas module

Large range gas monitoring, accurate measurement, a variety of gases can be selected

Electrochemical gas module

Electrochemical gas detection principle, the product is small, easy to install, accurate measurement

Gas Detector Manufacturer

Why Choose Us?

We have a strong R&D team and a complete range of gas detectors and sensors, covering various types of gases. We offer one-stop procurement and support customization. Our sensors have multiple transmission methods such as RS485, NB iot, Lora, 4G, etc. We are the source manufacturer, and you can choose the products you need at the lowest price.

Gas Detector & Gas Sensor

O3 gas sensor -Ozone sensor module

An O3 sensor module is an electronic device designed to detect and measure the concentration of ozone (O3) gas in the air. Ozone is a highly reactive gas that is commonly found in the Earth’s atmosphere, both at ground level and in the stratosphere.

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hydrogen sensor

Explosion-proof Fixed

ozone sensor

Explosion-proof Fixed​

SO2 Gas Detector


Multi gas detector

4 in 1

gas sensor


CO2 gas sensor


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