NDIR Modules SO2 Gas-SO2 gas sensor module

SO2 gas sensor module adopts non dispersive infrared technology, which has the characteristics of high sensitivity, high resolution, oxygen free dependence…
NDIR Modules SO2 Gas-SO2 gas sensor module

NDIR Modules SO2 Gas-SO2 gas sensor module

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SO2 gas sensor module Introduction

The SO2 gas sensor module is a cutting-edge device specifically for the detection and measurement of sulfur dioxide (SO2) concentrations. Sulfur dioxide is a colorless, pungent-smelling gas that is commonly produced by industrial processes such as fossil fuel combustion, metal smelting, and the manufacturing of chemicals. It is considered an air pollutant and can have adverse effects on human health and the environment.

NDIR Module

Product Features:

(1)Large scale monitoring
The good selectivity of SO2 gas sensor module makes up for the deficiency of traditional electrochemical sensor in the selection of high range test range.

(2)Fearless of harsh environment
With imported infrared light source and dual channel pyroelectric measurement, and automatic temperature compensation function, stable and reliable measurement results can be obtained even under harsh temperature and environmental conditions.

(3)Long life
Compared with the traditional electrochemical sensor, NDIR sensor has no obvious consumption and long service life.

(4)Zero calibration function
It is convenient for users to calibrate the zero point.

(5) Da output, analog voltage signal
The voltage output range and corresponding measuring range can be customized according to customer’s requirements.


Industrial Monitoring: SO2 gas sensor modules in industries and mining to monitor and control SO2 emissions from smokestacks.

Environmental Monitoring: These sensors helping authorities to assess and regulate ambient SO2 levels and enforce pollution control regulations.

Indoor Air Quality: SO2 gas sensor modules can be employed in commercial buildings, residential areas to ensure good indoor air quality and protect occupants from potential health risks associated with elevated SO2 levels.

Food Industry: While in the food industry, they can help ensure compliance with safety standards related to SO2 usage as a preservative.

Laboratory and Research: SO2 gas sensor modules find applications in scientific research and laboratory settings.

Product images and details:

Parameter nameParameter content
Measuring range0-100000ppm (default)
Measurement resolution1ppm
Response time<30S(25°C)
Measurement accuracy±5%F.S(25°C)
Preheat time<1min(25°C)
Reach accuracy<3min(25°C)
Operating Voltage9-24V DC
Average power consumption<60mA
Working humidity0~95%RH (non-condensing)
Operating temperature-10~60°C
storage temperature-20~70°C
Infrared light source band2-14um
modelRange (unit: ppm)

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