Gas Leak Detector

Dedicated to the professional manufacturer of gas sensors and gas detectors, mainly providing electrochemical gas sensors, semiconductor gas sensors and NDIR gas sensors, covering a wide range of application scenarios and industry needs.

gas sensor and gas detector

Gas Leak Detector

Gas Detector

TVOC detector-PID-air quality monitor

The TVOC (Total Volatile Organic Compounds) detector is a sophisticated instrument designed to measure and monitor the concentration of volatile organic compounds in the air.

Fixed Cl2 gas detector

Cl2 gas detector-fixed chlorine leak gas detector

Protect yourself, your team, and your assets from the dangers of chlorine gas leaks with the revolutionary Fixed Cl2 Gas Detector. This state-of-the-art technology provides continuous, real-time monitoring of chlorine levels in ambient air, ensuring the highest level of safety in industrial, municipal, and healthcare environments.

Gas Detector

Cl2 gas leak detector-Cl2 sensor

Protect yourself and those around you from the dangers of chlorine gas leaks with the revolutionary Portable Cl2 Gas Leak Detector. This compact, easy-to-use device is your first line of defense against this highly toxic and potentially lethal gas.

gas leak detector

h2 gas detector-Fixed H2 gas leak detector

The fixed hydrogen gas leak detector is an essential safety device designed to monitor and detect the presence of hydrogen gas in industrial, commercial, and laboratory environments.

gas leak detector

HCN gas detector-Fixed HCN gas leak detector

The fixed HCN gas leak detector is a vital safety device designed to monitor and detect the presence of hydrogen cyanide (HCN) gas in industrial, commercial, and laboratory environments.

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hydrogen sensor

Explosion-proof Fixed

ozone sensor

Explosion-proof Fixed​

SO2 Gas Detector


Multi gas detector

4 in 1

gas sensor


CO2 gas sensor



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Choose our gas sensors for their exceptional quality and reliability. We prioritize accuracy and sensitivity, ensuring prompt and precise detection of gas leaks. Our sensors are engineered to meet stringent safety standards, guaranteeing peace of mind in diverse applications. With user-friendly interfaces and robust construction, they offer easy installation and long-term durability.
We also provide customizable solutions tailored to your specific needs. Whether for residential, commercial, or industrial use, our gas sensors offer superior performance, enabling you to monitor and mitigate potential risks effectively. Trust us for reliable gas detection solutions that prioritize your safety.

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