Fixed NO2 gas detector

The Fixed sensor is stable, sensitive and reliable. With high-precision liquid crystal display, explosion-proof shell.
Fixed NO2 gas detector

Fixed NO2 gas detector

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Learn about Fixed NO2 gas detector

Fixed NO2 gas detector has the advantages of stability, sensitivity and reliability. High precision liquid crystal display, explosion-proof housing.

NO2 gas detector has the characteristics of flexible use and simple operation. We use NO2 gas detectors for all kinds of gas leakage sites. NO2 gas detector explosion-proof class is CT6.

Fixed NO2 gas detectors Features:

(1) High-definition LCD color screen display, industrial-grade high-definition interface, intuitive display with 320*240 resolution;
(2) Multi-machine selection of alarm controller, rich in optional external control ports, easy to use, sound and light alarm;
(3) Waterproof, dustproof, explosion-proof, anti-condensation, the shell adopts die-cast aluminum technology, IP65 waterproof;
(4) 15 seconds quick response, the probe adopts the international high-quality sensor probe, the monitoring is more accurate, and the life span is guaranteed;
(5) A variety of signal output, support RS485/4G/Lora and other signal output;

Fixed NO2 gas detectors

Product Details:

Continuous Monitoring – Fixed NO2 gas detector continuously monitor CO2 levels, providing real-time updates and alerts.

Early Detection – Since fixed NO2 gas detectors operate 24/7, they can detect leaks.

Cost-effective – Fixed NO2 gas detectors are a cost-effective solution compared to portable devices, which require regular calibration and replacement batteries.

Customizable Alarms – Many fixed NO2 gas detectors offer customizable alarms, such as audible, visual, or vibrating alerts, depending on the specific requirements of the environment.

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