NH3 sensor-Ammonia Sensor

Ammonia sensors are vital instruments used in various industrial, agricultural, and environmental applications for monitoring and detecting the presence of ammonia gas.
NH3 sensor-Ammonia Sensor

NH3 sensor-Ammonia Sensor

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NH3 sensor Introduction

NH3 sensors are important instruments for monitoring ammonia in a variety of industrial, agricultural and environmental applications. These gas sensors play a vital role in ensuring workplace safety and environmental compliance. Detection of ammonia is essential in the chemical manufacturing and wastewater treatment industries, where ammonia leakage can pose a significant safety risk. In agricultural Settings, sensors are used to monitor levels of ammonia emissions from livestock operations and fertilizer applications, contributing to environmental sustainability.

NH3 Sensor Features:

1. Various output signals, support RS485/ 4-20MA /0-5V/0-10V/ NB-iot /LoRa/WIFI/ Ethernet signal output.
2. A machine with multiple screens, can be matched with a variety of screens, intuitive display on the data.
3. IP65 high-density material shell, built-in waterproof strip, moisture-proof and dust-proof.
4. The sensor can be equipped with cloud platform. You can configure interfaces based on site requirements.
5. The on-site power supply adopts 12~24V DC wide voltage power supply, which can adapt to a variety of DC power supplies.

Video – Ammonia Sensor:

Ammonia gas sensor applications

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Ammonia Sensor parameters:


Where should the nh3 sensor location?

The ammonia gas sensor should be installed in a place where the gas is easy to leak, and it is determined according to the specific gravity of the detected gas relative to the air.

When the specific gravity of the detected gas is greater than the specific gravity of air, the detector should be installed (30-60) cm away from the ground, with the ammonia alarm position facing downwards.

What are the types of ammonia sensors?

Our company provides three types of NH3 gas sensors according to the different places where customers use them: wall-mounted ammonia sensors, portable ammonia detectors, and fixed ammonia alarms.

Are you a manufacturer? Do you provide customized services?

Yes, we are professional sensor manufacturers and have been engaged in the production and sales of gas detectors for 7 years. We can provide customized services. We have a professional R&D team.

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